• A hip, young and trendy designer, all cunningly hidden inside the shell of a slightly overweight (and almost middle-aged) company director.

    • Martin is a passionate armchair politician, and is intending to eventually become Prime Minister (though he'll need to do significantly better than this first attempt). Until then, between his other responsibilities of being a dad and a DIY virtuoso, he cobbles together a living by "pulling a thread of order from the tangled web of digital chaos".

      He lives down on the sunny south coast, with his family, and more dogs than you can throw a stick for.

      – All of whom gaze upon him with a mixture of adulation and respect, and think his renowned ability to write a final paragraph comprised entirely of wishful thinking, is richly deserved.

    Martin Houlden  martin@south.co.uk  skype:martinhoulden   020 7871 0900 Office
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Having spent over a decade refining his creative skills for some of the UK's leading advertising, design and marketing agencies, Martin's natural talent for seeing a concept within a brief often surprises even us.

According to Myers-Briggs, Martin is an INTJ, and so understands the value of good, clear communication supported by a solid business foundation. He applies an efficient and organised methodology to B2B and B2C clients across online and offline projects.

More recently focussed on developing well designed, standards compliant websites through our Content Managed System: SouthCMS, Martin manages the digital side of South˚


"The guys at South° are smart, creative and provide great value for money. They always deliver something fresh and original - which is why we keep on using them."