• Gordon's creative career started out as a designer and illustrator 18 years ago.

    • Favourite things:
      Weekends snowboarding with pals, track days, the Lotus Elise, rough and tumble with the kids, a really great espresso after lunch, the cold side of the pillow, barocca on deadline day, funny travel books, a cup of tea I haven't asked for, gadgets, log fires, the 'we love it' phone calls, driving on a warm starry night with the top down, all things typography.

      Least favourite things:
      Error 404s, poor spellnig, Comic Sans, most things Microsoft, potholes, geese, soggy teabags, tofu, "File cannot be found", shiitake mushrooms, "can you just", CAPITALISED SENTENCES, uncertainty, death, taxes.

    Gordon Fozard  gordon@south.co.uk  skype:gordonfozard   01428 682911 Office
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Since then he's worked with nearly 30 of the current FTSE 100 companies on projects ranging from rebrands to events and despite this, keeps coming back for more.

Gordon is a true creative jack-of-all-trades and (at last count) master of at least five. Whether he's producing artwork for print, online media, corporate identities or ad campaigns he approaches every project with energy and enthusiasm.

Gordon's a great communicator, utterly devoted to South and our clients and will stop at nothing until that extra mile has been delivered against every project.


"The guys at South° are smart, creative and provide great value for money. They always deliver something fresh and original - which is why we keep on using them."