• A collective is only as good as the sum of its parts. Fortunately that makes us very good.

      If the core team alone cannot tackle your brief – we extend it – bringing in as many trusted specialists as are necessary, while retaining complete control over the project. Ensuring its integrity and timely delivery. And also seeing to it that you pay only for the services you use.

      Come and meet the team.

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Thanks to the new PayPal Adaptive Payments suite of APIs you can choose how you want to be paid online. But the real question is, how should that payment be processed? Pa ...

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South˚ has won the contract to develop a recruitment portal for the NHS. The National Health Service is currently going through the fastest and most significant restruc ...

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South° unofficial disclaimer
The pictures in this section are no longer an accurate reflection of the team. Sadly over the last few years, labouring day and night for our beloved clients has taken its toll, and therefore those of us who still have some hair left, are finding it rather grey of late.

We're not too proud, nor vain, to admit that the years have not been kind. Our turnover may be larger these days, but then so are our waistlines, and only the bravest among us can drive past the gym without a tinge of guilt.

Be kind to us, try not to mock or pour scorn... designers are people too you know (well most of us), and we know who ate all the pies.


"The guys at South° are smart, creative and provide great value for money. They always deliver something fresh and original - which is why we keep on using them."