Be honest. You’d rather work with an inspired agency than a tired agency – who wouldn't?

But what makes us different? South° started over a decade ago, and we're still bursting with creative energy.

And energy is good. For starters, it’s the enemy of complacency. But it’s also the finest antidote to sloppy thinking and stale ideas.

Which probably goes to explain why we have such a grown-up client list, Clients who love the way we treat them, and the way we think.

Our clients are are a diverse group ranging from Multi-National PLCs to Sole Traders working from home. We think this helps us stay grounded and gives us the ability to transfer technologies and approaches from large to small projects in a financially efficient way.


South° have an impressive return rate. Most customers return again and again – some have been with us for over a decade. Our client loyalty says a lot about how we work and the relationships we build.